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SHAILI ISABELLA GANESHAPPA, co-founder and previous tutor, is a student at Saint Mary's Hall in the class of 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. She is a pole vaulter and an artist. Additionally, Shaili is a member of NCL (National Charity League) and volunteers weekly with San Antonio Pets Alive. Since the inception of Pay it Forward, Shaili has had the privilege of working alongside so many impressive individuals. Her strategy is to elevate her student's confidence by inspiring, empowering, and instructing in a trusting environment. Through relational mentorship, she helps her students to discover their strengths and purpose in order to tackle the various subjects or heavy course loads that stand in between her students and their goals.  Shaili is hopeful that Pay it Forward's efforts will inspire others to make a positive change in their own communities. She is honored to be one of the leaders of Pay it Forward and is eager about the future of this organization.


BAILEN ALEJANDRO GANESHAPPA, co-founder and previous tutor, is a student at Saint Mary’s Hall in the class of 2023 in San Antonio, Texas. He is a basketball and lacrosse player. Both sports hold a great value to him and have played an important role in his young life. He is also an active member of the Saint Mary’s Hall Speech and Debate team. Acting and public address are both huge passions of his, and the activity has allowed him to advocate for the messages he wishes to spread. When Bailen and his peers started Pay it Forward he said "our goal is to be more than just an academic resource." Connecting interpersonally with his students has been an eye-opening chapter in his young life, and it's an experience he hopes to bring to many more across the city. He is proud to be a part of an organization that teaches the youth of our communities to be fearless and passionate in their futures. As one of the leaders of Pay it Forward, Bailen could not be more thrilled about what the future holds for this organization.

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